To create a surface design style guide of icons, badges, patterns and borders inspired by the early leaders of the State of Israel. 

The subject of the State of Israel is near and dear to my heart. It is through working to keep Israel safe and secure that I discovered my love of design. 
I wanted this work to be dramatically different than other pieces of "Judaic Art" so I started by choosing an atypical color palette. From there, I traced the faces of the leaders and used both the face and their silhouettes, as well as quotes to create badges. I added some other elements that represented Israel such as the Lion of Judah, a menorah and olive branches. Finally, as a background to some of the patterns, I used the Western Wall or a collage of newsprint announcing the establishment of the State. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this project and applying the patterns to a variety of surfaces from leather goods, to furniture to clothing and shoes. I have even started an online shop on Society6 to share this work with others.
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