To create branding and collateral for food and cooking conference, Mise En Place. The products needed to appeal to the high end attendees and push the boundaries  of design similar to the avant garde food and presentations at the conference. 

The first step was to create simple, clean branding for this 3-day conference that was easily recognizable. To accomplish this, I used a dark grey, yellow and white color palette and played with scale. The poster advertising Mise En Place was a simple 4-foot cut out of a yellow spoon with the dates and some of the featured speakers, easily recognized from afar and seen as something different than other conferences that have come before. 
As a conference program, each morning attendees would be handed a package with the front describing the main stage presenter and the back listing the day's schedule. Inside the package, would would be a snack related to the main stage program. For example, there was a cronut inside the package for the day that Dominique Ansel was on the main stage.
The final piece of collateral was a conference tote. In my experience, conference totes get used for three days and then get tossed in a car trunk - supposedly for grocery shopping - but never to be seen again. This conference tote fit a dual purpose, after the conference it would unzip and unsnap into a kitchen apron. 
This project was presented in front of a panel of design critics at They loved the scale of the poster, the innovation of the brochure snack, but most of all they loved seeing the bag convert into an apron.
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